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Expérience 1

Amélie Ravalec & Travis Collins

EXPÉRIENCE is a program dedicated to contemporary digital creativity as well as electronic experimentations or inventive machineries. It represents Maintenant’s open field, an artistic innovations laboratory that is suitable to the discovery of experimental shapes.

Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay is a 52-minute documentary directed by Amélie Ravalec and Travis Collins. This film is about the story and the actors that allowed the emergence of industrial music that continues to influence many musical genres, including techno. Through their realization, the authors endeavour to trace the socio-political context in which the movement is anchored. A meeting will follow the screening with the two directors.



Expérience 1

Amélie Ravalec & Travis Collins

Tuesday 13 October

18:30 20:00

Le Tambour
Université Rennes 2
Place du recteur Henri Le Moal
+33 2 99 14 11 41

Metro Villejean-Université (voir la carte)


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