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Nuit Électronique 2

Patricia (US) - Hodge (UK) - Rss Boys (Pol) - Vatican Shadow (US)

The NUITS ELECTRONIQUES gather on stage emerging talents, coveted visionaries and emblematic characters who shape the future of electronic music and invite you to dance until the sun comes up.

Dressed as citizens originating from an imaginary tribe is a mysterious Polish duo: Rss B0ys. Blending African and industrial rythms, they lure us into their fascinating realm, that is a percussion-influenced techno. Patricia is Max Ravitz’s tremendous house project. This Brooklyn-based musician proposes energetic live show where analogic plays a major role. Vatican Shadow aka Dominick Fernow/Prurient is a key player in the noise scene in New-York right now through is musical projects as well as his record label Hospital Productions. He produces industrial techno that he wildly performs on stage. Exploring music layers, Hodge plays with the different trends that have shaped night clubs in England those past years but he is also one of today’s most ingenious bass music and techno producers.

Nuit Électronique 2

Patricia (US) - Hodge (UK) - Rss Boys (Pol) - Vatican Shadow (US)

Saturday 17 October

00:00 6:00

Antipode MJC
2 rue André-Trasbot
+33 2 99 67 32 12

Bus : ligne 9 : Arrêt Ferdinand de Lesseps (voir la carte)


Standard Ticket Price > 20€

Early bird > 16€

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