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Nils Völker (De)

The German artist Nils Völker creates fascinating installations, most of which are based on a simple and unalterable principle yet constantly submitted variations : paper or plastic bags being inflated and deflated following a precise rhythm and evoking natural phenomenons (breathing, waves, wind blowing…). Using an approach that is close to Zimoun’s one, (Zimoun was part of the Maintenant 2013 program), Nils Völker breathe life into ordinary materials, giving them a personal poetry. For Maintenant 2015, he presents Seventeen in the setting of le Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Étienne; the place is also going to host sound performances by Modern Eleven the 16 October and Jacques (en direct) the 17 October.

Tuesday 13 October at 21:00 : preview

Friday 16 October at 20:30 : sound performance by Modern Eleven

Saturday 17 October at 20:30 : sound performance by Jacques (en direct)


Nils Völker (De)

From Tuesday 13 to Sunday 18 October

13:00 19:00

Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Etienne
14 rue d’Échange
+33 6 22 22 39 58

Metro Sainte-Anne (voir la carte)


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