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24 May

Maintenant 2016 through Katie Scott, interview by Étapes:

Maintenant 2016 visual identity is a creation from London-based artist

Katie Scott


Strongly influenced by anatomic and ancient botanic boards, she feeds her work with that tradition to turn it into a contemporary piece. The meticulousness of her line, her minute sens of details and composition and the beauty of the colors give life to fantastic realms, both fascinating and disturbing, that the scientific rigor makes even more unsettling. This particular realm oscillating between nostalgia and dreams has already convinced prestigious publishers, magazines and brands that used her creations.

Katie Scott delivers her own poetic view of Maintenant and opens the doors of an unexplored and abundant world.




Étapes: magazine met Katie Scott:

– Where do you come from ? Could you tell us about your career ?
I live in London, and studied Illustration at University of Brighton, graduating 2011. Since then i’ve been incredibly lucky with the sorts of jobs i’ve worked on and the opportunities i’ve had. I’m about to have my third book published and have worked with some organisations and clients i would never have dreamed of five years ago.
– Where does your biological & alchemical imagery come from ? What are your influences ?
I have a love of early science, especially human anatomy and medicine… there was a great deal of speculative thinking and imagination involved in our journey to understanding the body.
Ideas beyond the best Science Fiction, that went hundreds of years unquestioned. Also the work of Ernst Haeckel and Albertus Seba played a big part in my aesthetic development.
– You used to work with a wide variety of clients, from alcohol brands to international newspapers and music festivals, how do you create bridges between scientific drawings and music, press, brands, etc ?
I think that because there is an element of fantasy and imagination to my scientifically styled illustrations, there is a lot of scope for bridging across different commercial jobs. There is also perhaps something universally appealing about working with natural forms and themes – and this can be applied to a wide range of projects. My works draws influence from scientific illustrations but it doesn’t quite fit in that group, even with my more realistic work like the Welcome to the Museum books, there is still a strangeness and curiosity that isn’t purely scientific.
– How did you work for Maintenant Festival ? Did you get any brief/instructions ?
The brief was very open to interpretation. They noted which pieces of my existing work they liked and i used that as the starting point. I find this is a good way to begin a project and make sure everyone is on the same track. I liked the anatomical direction but also wanted to include elements that had a slight celestial feel or maybe molecular, which I think has worked well and given some ambiguity to the visuals. Then the designers created an identity that was complimentary to my scientific chart style, the whole development was pretty seamless.
– What inspired you for this artwork ? The artists ?
Thats tricky, I don’t know if it was particularly inspired by any other artist. I did have this technique in mind I wanted to try out in the central globe, a different way of colouring to my usual style that I thought might look good. Which was kind of based on a 1970’s sic fi book I have, with very softly drawn planets. I’m happy with how it looks and enjoyed having the chance to try it out.
– Have you ever worked with this kind of festival ?
No I’ve never worked with any festival before. I’m very to happy to have the chance. I don’t know what it’s like working for other festivals, but with Maintenant i’ve enjoyed the freedom I was given to create the artwork, rather than being told exactly what to draw.
– What are your current and future projects ?
I’m itching for September to get here, which will be the launch of my next book, Botanicum. It’s in association with Kew Gardens, and a total dream come true for me to work with them. It’s my biggest piece of work so far, and something I’m particularly proud of. I think there will be a lot of exciting things happening in the lead up to that, including some more botanical animations.
Interview by Charlotte Guibert, Étapes magazine


Maintenant 2016 will be:

70 international and local artists

25 places

3 Nuits Électroniques, on October 8th, 14th and 15th

2 days of meetings evolving around digital creativity Demain !, on October 14th and 15th

1 Super Boom ! at la Salle de la Cité, on October 8th and 9th

1 Nuit Arts, Sciences & Technologies at Diapason, on October 13th

1 Super Week-end ! at Cadran, on October 15th and 16th

Exhibitions, performances, concerts, experiencies, workshops and gigantic installations

And lots of surprises!


First names:

Aurora Halal (US) • Avalon Emerson (US) • Ben UFO (UK) • Jackson (FR) • Julia Kent (CA)

Le Comte (FR) • Lena Willikens (DE) • Pearson Sound (UK) • Yasuaki Onishi (JP)…


Stay tuned!

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