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Come and find your way

Rennes Airport
From the airport, take the bus that leads you directly to the city center!

Railway Station / Gare SNCF
Buses & metro serve the railway station

Buses & Metros

Places to sleep

Hôtel des Lices

Hôtel de Nemours

Places to eat

 L’Abri du Marché 

 Les Salles Mômes

 Casa Pepe

Places to have a drink

 Café du Port

Le Pavillon




Théâtre du Vieux St-Etienne

From 7th to 16th of October, the team of the festival welcomes you at Théâtre du Vieux St-Etienne to inform you about the projects of the 2016 edition of the festival. Discover performances, take part in workshops, attend meetings and manipulate the installations.

Théâtre du Vieux St-Etienne
14 rue d’Échange
35000 Rennes

From friday the 7th to sunday the 16th of October
From 12:30 to 10:00pm

06 22 22 39 58

Click on marker to display venue's program

Antipode MJC

The Wolf Under The Moon

Anthonin Ternant (FR)

Friday 14th October

The Wolf Under The Moon

Anthonin Ternant (FR)

Friday 14th October

Nuit Électronique 1

Avalon Emerson (US) - Pearson Sound (UK) - André Bratten (NO) - Collectif Deuxcentdix (FR)

Saturday 8th october

Nuit Électronique 3

Ben UFO (UK) - Lena Wilikens (DE) - Le Matin (FR) - Collectif Deuxcentdix (FR)

Satursday 15th october

Eglise Notre-Dame-En-Saint-Melaine

Expérience 2

Julia Kent (CA) - Tom Adams (UK)

Wednesday 12th october

Espace Social et Culturel Aimé Césaire

Bloom Games

Alisa Andrasek & José Sanchez (CL)

From monday 10th to friday 14th october

Hôtel à Projets Pasteur

Espace Gourmand

Bérengère Amiot (FR)

From 9th to 26th October


Joris Strijbos & Daan Johan (NL)

Sunday 9th to sunday 16th October

La Rennes Du Bal

Headphones Session 1 & 2

Iroskin (FR) - NVNA (FR) - Ymothep (FR)

Saturday 8th october

Le Cadran

Super Week-End !

Lola Gielen (NL) - Gaëtan Cieplicki (FR) - Collectif Deuxcentdix (FR) - La Petite Rennes (FR) - Delawhere (FR) - Radio Orchestra & Bertùf (FR) - Claire Guetta (FR) - Virginie Blais (FR)

Sunday 16th october

Super Week-End !

Lola Gielen (NL) - Gaëtan Cieplicki (FR) - Collectif Deuxcentdix (FR) - La Petite Rennes (FR) - Chambry (FR) - Radio Orchestra & Bertùf (FR) - Claire Guetta (FR) - Virginie Blais (FR)

Saturday 15th october

Le Diapason

Nuit Papier 2.0

Takami Nakamoto & Sébastien Benoits (FR) - Lola Gielen (NL) - DRN (FR) - Lucie Le Guen (FR) - Bérengère Amiot (FR) - Villa Böhnke (FR) - Angéline Croissant (FR)

Thursday 13th October

Le Mabilay


Building instruments & musical video game

Saturday 15th October

Demain ! #2

Education & digital

Saturday 15th october

Demain ! #2

Creative City

Friday 14th october

Demain ! #2

Sound & interactive interface

Thursday 13th october


Building a robot out of paper

Saturday 15th October

Robot trainer

Discover the bases of robotics with a small open-source robot

Saturday 15th October

Le Pont des Arts

Smart City

Bérengère Amiot (FR)

From wednesday 5th to sunday 16th october

Le Tambour

Images 1

Focus Pictoplasma (DE)

Tuesday 11th october

Images 2

Pictoplasma (DE) - Florent Chamiot-Poncet (FR)

Tuesday 11th october

Le Triangle

Dimanche Au Triangle

Fuse* (IT) - In Love With a Ghost (FR) - Alexandre Berthaud (FR) - Alisa Andrasek (HL) & José Sanchez (ES) - R. Dugueperoux, C. Lebris & A. Shmouker - Smartmômes Orchestra & Bertùf (FR)

Sunday 9th october

Les Champs Libres


9th cloud & Cyril Meroni (FR)

Wednesday 12th October

Reverse of Volume

Yasuaki Onishi (JP)

From tuesday 4th to sunday 30th october

Expérience 1

Masayoshi Fujita (JP)

Wednesday 12th October

Expérience 4

178° (FR)

Friday 14th october

Expérience 6

Le Comte (FR)

Saturday 15th october

Mail François Mitterrand


Amanda Parer (AU)

From sunday 9 to sunday 16 october

Médiathèque du Rheu

Au Bureau

Guillaumit & Paul Martin (FR)

From 7th september to 22th october

MJC Grand Cordel

De choses et d’autres

Samuel St-Aubin (QC)

from friday 7th october to saturday 3rd december

Musée des Beaux-Arts

Expérience 3

Masayoshi Fujita (JP)

Thursday 13th October

Parlement de Bretagne

Expérience 5

Jackson (FR) – Light Metal Music

Friday 14th October

Expérience 7

Klara Lewis (SE)

Saturday 15th October

Quartier Général - Théâtre du Vieux St-Étienne


Eugénie Lacombe & Paul Bouisset (FR)

From friday 7 to sunday 16th october

Polyphonic Playground

Studio PSK (UK)

from friday 7 to sunday 16th october


Collectif Récif (FR)

From friday 7th to sunday 16th october


Urban mapping

Saturday 15th October

Ambiance Électronique 1

Petit Prince (FR) - GareSud (FR)

Friday 7th october

Ambiance Électronique 2

Kablam (SE) - Abile (FR) - Cats Soiled (FR)

Saturday 8th October

Ambiance Électronique 3

KCIV (FR) - Kong (FR) - Pura Pura (FR)

Thursday 13th october

Ambiance Électronique 4

D.K. (FR) - Gidge (SE)

Friday 14th October

Ambiance Électronique 5

Calcuta B2B Gigsta (FR)

Saturday 15th october

Ambiance Électronique 6

Mioshe (FR) - Francïs (FR)

Sunday 16th october

Beer tasting Chez Alain

Chez Alain (FR)

Tuesday 11th october

Brunch Électronique 1

In Love With a Ghost (FR)

Sunday 9th october

Brunch Électronique 2

Delawhere (FR)

Sunday 16th october

Draw with sound

Discover and manipulate digital interfaces for sound creation

Wednesday 12th October

Super Boum !

Lisa Laubreaux (FR) - Alisa Andrasek (HL) & José Sanchez (CL) - DJ Philémon (FR)

Saturday 8 october


Nuit Électronique 2

Aurora Halal (US) - DR. Rubinstein (DE) - Lokier (MX) - Aube (FR)

Friday 14th october