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29 August

Interview with Collectif Deuxcentdix, for Point à Point


Interview with the collective Deuxcentdix, for Point à Point

Point à Point is a interactive performance, a collaborative and playful experience created by the collective Deuxcentdix in the framework of the call for projects Arts & Technologies launched by Electroni(k).
Point à Point will be visible at festival Maintenant 2016:
– Saturday 8 and 15 of October during the Nuits Electroniques 1 & 3 at Antipode Mjc
– Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 of October during the Super Weekend! At Cadran
Ahead of its performance, the collective Deuxcentdix gave an interview to Emilie Kerebel, voluneer for Electroni(k).

Hi, can you introduce yourselves? What is your background?

We are 5 students: Linn, Cécile, Manon, Elise and Bettina from Paris and Rennes. We met at the Ecole Estienne in Paris while studying graphic design and digital media as undergrads, after completing trainings in applied arts in various Parisian schools. Thanks to this education we are well trained for conception and visual formatting of multimedia support (websites, apps…) as well as still and animated image creation (video captation, 2D animation, 3D…).

You created your own collective, Deuxcentdix. What brought you together? What is the common factor gathering you? Why did you choose this name?

First of all we got along very well, we share common values such as the will to imagine new things. Our common understanding of graphic design and our interest for current events and innovation brought us together too. In addition, we work easily together and we have complementary expertises, so it works well.
As for the name, Deuxcentdix is a reference to the number of the classroom where we met and that hosted us for the last two years.

How did you decide to answer the call for student project of festival Maintenant? What were you aiming for?

We had imagined the piece Point à Point the year before; it worked, we liked it but there was no follow-up foreseen to it. This call was a great opportunity for us to energise it by transferring it outside of an academic framework.
Some of us already came to previous editions of Maintenant so our aim was also to grab the opportunity not to be only spectators but to contribute to the festival by combining fields that we are passionate about such as technology, interactivity and innovation.

How was Point à Point created? How did you share the work among the five of you?

This project was created during a week-long workshop organised by the Ecole Estienne in collaboration with la Gaîté Lyrique and two members of Lab 212. The goal was to design a device to create lightpainting shoots. Our main objective was to create a device allowing for a genuine, playful and interactive experience. The ideas of game and exchange were central from the beginning of our reflection. A lot of trials and experiments have been necessary during the week-long workshop, each of us could test and propose ideas to enhance the project. Later on, the work got divided quite naturally among ourselves depending on our interests and abilities.

What do you expect from Maintenant?

Maintenant is an opportunity to present Point à Point to a wide audience for the first time. The festival allows us see our work differently and to discover a new aspect of the professional world. Point à Point is an interactive experience first and foremost; we look forwards to seeing the audience’s reactions and comments but also how the public is going to take it over. This will help us refine the project and make it progress.

What are your influences? Your artistic and creation world?

Although each of us has her own references and universes, we are all fascinated by new media research and innovation, but also by imagining immersive, progressive and interactive experiences allowing for a direct physical interaction with digital word, something where the spectator also becomes an actor.
We regularly take part in exhibitions and artistic encounters organised by cultural centres such as Le Cube or La Gaîté Lyrique that question design and new technologies.
During the workshop, there was an exhibition called Capitaine Future at la Gaîté Lyrique, featuring the pieces Murmur de Chevalvert and Starfield from Lab 212 for example; nourished by our own references, they influenced the creation of Point à Point.

Where does the title of Point à Point come from?

The installation reinvents the idea of the game of joining dots, although here the body becomes the paintbrush, the light becomes the paint and the room becomes the medium. One of the player guides the other by giving him/her oral indications in order for him/her to follow the points that are numbered. The drawing is progressively created step by step, point by point.

Can you describe your project? What type of technology do you use?

The first player stands in a dark room, wearing a helmet with a flashlight on the top. Two cameras are placed above him/her.
The second player is in a separate room. S.He has a screen and a microphone at his/her disposal, so that s.he can communicate in real time with his/her colleague. The goal is for the second player to guide the first one in order to make him/her join the dots on the screen. At the end of the route, the picture stops and appears on the screen. The lightpainting is generated.

You mentioned the word “collective creation”, why did you decide to work around that theme?

Electroni(k) allowed us to give life to Point à Point, our goal now is to propose this installation to other digital festivals, to other type of audiences to keep making it progress. Each of us will continue her studies, focussing on interactive design, communication strategy and visual arts more broadly. We plan to meet up again with new knowledge, new ideas to create and imagine other projects.

Interview by Emilie Kerbel

Traduction by Manon Huchet



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