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26 September

Interview of Collectif Recif, for Uluce


Uluce is an interactive structure that counts 13 sides of fabric created by Collectif Recif in response of the Arts & Technologies call for action towards college students launched by Electroni[k] and supported by Stereolux.

Before the offical presentation at the Salle de la Cité in the frame of Maintenant festival 2016 from 7 to 16 October, Quentin, Lola & Romain from Collectif Recif answered to Emilie Kerebel, one of the volunteers of Electroni[k] organization.

Hi Quentin, Lola & Romain,

Can you introduce yourselves ? What are your careers ? What brought you altogether?

Quentin : What brought us altogether is our natural sympathy. Romain and I have been long time friends. One daya long with the discussion we just it would be interesting to work together on a project regarding our own skills. With Romain and Lola we share a desire for experimentation as well as a natural curiosity for unacquainted approaches. For my side, I am particularly attracted to sounds. During my studies I studied sounds in different ways, through a technical approach (recording, mixing) a music approach (analysis, composition), a melodic approach (interpretation, improvisation) and currently a more human approach that focuses on the reception of the sound thanks to my studies in musictherapy. I explore music in the field of handicap with an autistic audience. It is part of the wishes of our collective to widen to other audiences (disabled, schoolers…)

Romain : As Quentin said, sympathy got us closer. I met Lola during my first year of Graphic Design. Since then, we’ve got a habit to talk through and advise one another on our rexpective projects. It seemed natural to build projects together. I have both a scientific and creative career. I started Physics before getting into interactive design. In the Uluce project, I work on the interaction between the audience and the installation, electronics and programming.

Lola : For my part, I studied graphic design for a year to be able to specialize in the AGR School for Graphic Design. In the collective, I work more on the graphic aspect of the projects, as well as the overall aesthetic. For Uluce, I mainly worked on building the strucutre. This project lead me to gain new skills, in the field of carpentry for instanec.


How did you learn about the students’ call for action for Maintenant festival ?

We were just talking about structuring together around a collective and figured it was time. As all three of us live between Rennes and Nantes, we know well and like a lot Maintenant festival. We came across the call for action and applied. We were stoked when we heard we were selected, it is our first project together.

What do you expect from Maintenant festival ?

For us, it is an opportunity  to meet the public, see his reaction and talk about what Uluce provokes.

Can you explain the project to me ? How did it originate ? How does it work ?

Uluce is a human size structure. It places itself into space. It has people around it want to touch it. It responds to gestures by sending synchronized light and sound signals. Uluce was born out of our wishes to create a physical object that was not dematerialized. We also wanted it to be interactive, that several people could gather around it interact together. Thus we wish the human exchange to be the most intense possible.


With Uluce, you combine touch and hearing. Why so ?

We find it interesting to work on synesthesia ; current technologies allow us to simulate this kind of sensory association. We think that a visual and sound print on the structure makes it more lively. Uluce is first and foremost a sensory structure.


Why did you choose to create an interactive installation ?

Quentin : Well, simply because it was part of the requirements of Maintenant’s call for action and we had the capacity to seize this mean of expression.

Romain : It’s also because it is one of the main domain we wanted to work through the collective.

Lola : The interaction between our work and users is essential to retrieve from a contemplative perspective and invite the audience to enter our world.



What inspires you on a daily basis ? What’s your realm of creation ? Do you have particular influences of other artists.

Quentin : Loads of things! From a sound point of view, I really like hijacking sounds I recorded here and there around me. Each sound has a story behind it and is precisely located, it gives a great deepness to a retrospective use.

Romain : Yeah, all sorts of things in the domains of interaction and graphic designs. We created the collective to link various disciplines. It is also the case regarding our inspirations.


What are your plans for the future ?

We have a lot of ideas! From inventing music instruments that suit little video games to creating VJING softwares… We hope to continue this project as long as possible!


Quentin, Romain et Lola of the “Collectif Recif”
By Émilie Kerebel


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