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9 October

Interview of Lokier, before the Nuit Électronique 2

Friday October 14th, it’s the Nuit Électronique 2 of Maintenant festival 2016 ! Nuits Électroniques gather new talents on stage, sought after visionaries and emblematic figures who shape tomorrow’s electronic music and invite you to dance until dawn. A lineup 100% women, with Aurora Halal, Dr. Rubinstein, Aube & Lokier.

The Mexican Lokier gladly plays a gothic genre inspired by vintage scary movies together with post-punk, techno or disco; triggering a mysterious and hypnotic music in the aftermath of Yvan Smagghe or Chloe. Back in early September, she kindly agreed to answer our questions.

You have been warned… Beware of the Cat People!

You’ll be spending next weeks touring your native Mexico. What is the first thing you’ll do once you’re there?
Give my cat a big hug and then go with my parents and sister for some tacos.

You started DJing at illegal raves, what memories do you keep of this time and of the Mexican underground scene?
I remember it being always kind of intense. The DJs couldn’t make mistakes, or else the crowd would throw glass bottles at them. It was a bit scary for me if I’m honest, but exciting too in a way. The music had to be banging all the time.

What made you finally leave Mexico for Europe — and not, say, for the U.S.?
I decided to move because at the time I was having more support from there than anywhere else. Not to mention that I was already in touch with Morgan Hammer and she managed to convince me. She can be very persuasive sometimes you know.

There is a real chemistry between Morgan Hammer and you, mixing and releasing remixes as She Made Monster. How did you two met?
We met through Soundcloud 3 or 4 years ago. I think she commented on one of my tracks and then I sent her a message or something like that. I remember the first time we talked we started joking and since then we never stop talking. At the time we were always surrounded by men and I guess it was nice to find a girl my age that liked the same music as I did. I still feel like she understands me better than anyone else and I think she feels the same way too. We are almost like sisters now and She Made Monster was just meant to happen.

You have released several solo EPs thus far ; Gate Masters was published last year on HATK. How would you describe your music?
It’s very hard to say! Every time people ask me about my music, I’m like “Errr…”. I guess I just try to mix everything I like about several genres. A bit of techno, a bit of house, post punk, new wave, etc. The one thing I know for sure is that it always has kind of a dark mysterious sound to it.


And what inspires you?

Old places. Seriously. I have a thing for history and art and I like to visit old cities. It’s a huge plus if it’s nighttime and the lights are dim. Almost like a movie set. I get very excited at old cemeteries too. Almost like a kid at a theme park.

If you had to make a score for an imaginary horror film, what would it be?
It would be a psychedelic horror film for sure. A man victim of his own mindbending nightmares. Starring Brad Dourif. It’d be called something like “The Spreading Self”.

I recently learned from reading an older column in DJ Mag that pets sometimes have “quite a particular taste in music”. You own a cat, right? What kind of music is he into?
When I was living in Mexico my cat would sometimes come into my room while I was working on music and sit right behind me and just stare at the computer. When I say sit I mean really sit, like a human sits. I guess that means he likes it, right?

Most definitively. I think I like him already. So, what’s next for you?
I am trying to finish my new EP. I guess that is my main focus at the moment. I’d also love to keep travelling, meet new countries and try new food, that is always good!

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