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Ambiance Électronique 3

KCIV (FR) - Kong (FR) - Pura Pura (FR)

In the early evening, the festival’s Headquarters host the cream of Rennes electronic scene for festive and welcoming clubbing.

Carte blanche to Decilab.

Decilab likes to define itself as a “distiller of music events” that enjoys to mix style from techno to nu-disco and hip-hop. There’s no doubt this evening will reflect the generous spirit of the collective.



FINAL OUTPUT : 10:30pm

Ambiance Électronique 3

KCIV (FR) - Kong (FR) - Pura Pura (FR)

Thursday 13th october

08:00pm to 12:00am

Théâtre du Vieux Saint Etienne
14 rue d’Échange
06 22 22 39 58

(voir la carte des lieux)

Métro Sainte-Anne


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