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Ambiance Électronique 5

Calcuta B2B Gigsta (FR)

In the early evening, the festival’s Headquarters host the cream of Rennes electronic scene for festive and welcoming clubbing.

Carte blanche to Track/Narre.

Track/Narre is a program from Canal B radio dedicated to electronic music; it has been put on standby due to a Berlin trip from its runner Gigsta. She is now back behind the turntables next to our beloved Calcuta for a set we imagine full of mind-blowing techno tainted with dub and futuristic sounds.

FINAL OUTPUT : 10:30pm

Ambiance Électronique 5

Calcuta B2B Gigsta (FR)

Saturday 15th october

08:00pm to 12:00am

Théâtre du Vieux Saint Etienne
14 rue d’Échange
06 22 22 39 58

(voir la carte des lieux)

MÉTRO Sainte-Anne


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