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Building instruments & musical video game

By diverting usual objects and doing DIY with simple materials, participants will build instruments in order to play the musical video game BandBand. In BandBand, the band consists of a shy panda at keyboards, a rather badass cat as a drummer, an idiot koala bass player, and an horrible little dog playing guitar. 

A game is organized as an output of the workshop and the participants can keep their gamepads at the end of the workshop. These devices are compatible with the Makey Makey (not supplied).

Bring a usb key with you in order to test the musical video game back home !

Presentation of the works released from 05:00pm to 06:00pm

Workshop 9 to 12 years old
10 participants


Building instruments & musical video game

Saturday 15th October

02:00 to 05:00

2 rue de la Mabilais
06 22 22 39 58

(voir la carte des lieux)

Bus C4 : arrêt Chèques Postaux


15 €

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