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De choses et d’autres

Samuel St-Aubin (QC)

In his works, Samuel St-Aubin provides everyday objects with a new reality by diverting them from their intended purpose. His kinetic sculptures juggle with the physics properties of a capricious nature having sometimes chaotic behaviors. Showing dishes, eggs, muffins or cups of tea and subjecting them to unlikely balance, force or chance exercises, his devices unveil with precision and humor the poetic side of everyday elements, that one often does not pay attention to.


De choses et d’autres

Samuel St-Aubin (QC)

from friday 7th october to saturday 3rd december

Monday, Tuesday, thursday et friday from 02:00pm to 08:30pm / wednesday from 01:30pm to 08:30pm / Saturday from 09:00am to 01:30pm

Le Grand Corbel MJC
18 rue des Plantes
02 99 87 49 49

(voir la carte des lieux)

Bus ligne 1 et 50 : arrêt Joseph Turmel / Bus ligne C3 : arrêt Docteur Quentin / Bus ligne 31 : arrêt Vitré-Foulon


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