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Demain ! #2

Creative City

Maintenant & the French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo present Demain ! #2, meetings about digital creativity – taking place at Le Mabilay from the 13th until the 15th of October 2016.

Demain ! Is a space for exchange and reflection on digital creativity. Conferences, panel discussions, workshops and innovative artistic projects reveal initiatives from actors and professionals building tomorrow’s creation. 

Local, national and international speakers from arts, education, research, corporate sector… present their experience and speak about creative city, smart city, at the crossroads of architecture, city, data and artistic creativity.

From the impact of digital technology on the city and its architecture to individual and collective experiences, the city is shown as a crossroad and a laboratory for individual, collective and social experiments between arts, inhabitants and territory. 


09.30am: Virtual City

Emmanuel  Mahé
Director of research at ENSAD, PSL Research University


Emmanuel Mahé is a specialist of new uses of design and digital arts. He will present how the laboratory for research of ENSAD works and two projects born from it.


Cédric Barbey & Pascal Roignau
Creation director & Development officer for the start-up Unejolieidée


Created in 2004, Une Jolie Idée is a start-up from Rennes specialised in 360° immersive pictures and videos production. This booming technology allows for virtual tours and virtual reality experiences.


Pierre Amoudruz
Artistic director for the association AADN


AADN gathers social sciences researchers, artists and educators in its Labo des Usages (Lab of uses). Pierre Amoudruz will discuss the idea of ‘Digital Urbanities’ through the presentation of different projects based on past and upcoming research-actions, connecting the dots between artivism, DIY and the questioning of our position of connected citizens.


10.50am: New technologies for a new city


Pascal Desfarges
Designer of Uses/ screenwriter of the future


To the fantasy of the ‘Smart city’, some actors of the digital age have decided to oppose smartness of the city. Pascal Desfarges will present their vision, focussed on human beings as well as their collaborative and creative approach. 


Flavie Ferchaud
PhD candidate in space planning, Department Spaces and Society, Université Rennes 2 and Rennes metropolitan area council.


Since the 1990’s, places dedicated to digital practices have spread in France. Flavie’s PhD thesis aims at underlining the inputs and the contradictions of these spaces vis-à-vis the expectations they trigger concerning urban and local development.


Joanna Kaim
Graduate from Rennes school of Architecture


One of the major challenges faced by architects today is to take ownership of digital technology and make the most of it. Joanna Kaim will present the parametric method and its tools, especially the software Grasshopper.


02.00pm : Data city


Régis Chatellier
Prospective studies officer at CNIL (National Committee on IT and Liberties)


In charge of prospective studies and editor for the LINC (Digital innovation Lab from the CNIL), Régis Chatellier will present the cartography of privacy’s design and the related creative processes to raise awareness on data protection and liberties in the so-called ‘Smart city’. 


Jérémie Simon
Founder of Baludik


Through an app, Baludik provides its users with playful tour experiences. In the form of a scavenger hunt, these walks are as many occasions to discover again the territory. 


Benoit Vallauri



Alexis Lina et Adrien Schmouker
Students at Epitech


Woodbox is a wooden board covered with sensors with automation purpose. Thanks to its clear and intuitive interface, its user can easily view the collected raw data.


03.10pm: New possible projects in the city?


Matthieu Penet
Founder of Ludikenergie


Created in 2012, Ludikenergie is an event company specialised in sustainable development. Its specificity is to strongly rely on the use of game, bicycle and new technology.


Juliette Bibasse
Digital art producer and curator


As a producer, Juliette Bibasse collaborated with international artists and festivals. Building on this experience, she will discuss the technologic developments making possible the creation of new artistic projects in the public space.


Students from the M.a Planning and Local Authorities & Yvan Jehannin 
Université Rennes 2 & Association 3 Hit Combo


Based on the popular building and exploration game Minecraft, RennesCraft is a video-dynamic project of collective urban planning created as a mediation, as well as reflection tool on the city. 



Demain ! #2

Creative City

Friday 14th october

09:30am to 05:00pm

2 rue de la Mabilais
06 22 22 39 58

(voir la carte des lieux)

Bus C4 : arrêt Chèques Postaux


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