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Demain ! #2

Education & digital

Maintenant & the French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo present Demain ! #2, meetings about digital creativity – taking place at Le Mabilay from the 13th until the 15th of October 2016.

Demain ! Is a space for exchange and reflection on digital creativity. Conferences, panel discussions, workshops and innovative artistic projects reveal initiatives from actors and professionals building tomorrow’s creation. 

Local, national and international speakers from arts, education, research, corporate sector… present their experience and speak about the connections between education and digital technology, focussing on programming, electronic and robotics. 

Popular and open source tools for creative uses, easy-to-use by the youngest to make, learn and convey. Explore, imagine and create with educational and playful tools to program, become a ‘junior makers’ and discover the basics of coding and programming in an intuitive way. 


09.30am: Digital, new learning tool

Dominique Busso
Founder & CEO Happy Blue Fish


Happy Blue Fish develops and edits learning toys for all kind of audience. To design its play-educational apps, the company collaborates with education specialists.


Benjamin Abdi
Co-Founder of Lalilo


Lalilo is an online platform for learning how to read. Thanks to a specific algorithm, it adapts to the progress and difficulties of the kid. It can be used in class by teachers as a differentiation support tool. 


Yann Guéguen & Véronique Le Chêne
Chargés de cours et doctorants à Rennes 2


Edgar Castro
UX Designer, CEO LandsTIC


Virtual Zone is an interactive serious game aiming at facilitating and entertaining information research. It allows the user to move around a virtual structure and interact with artificial intelligences.

10.50am: Robotics


Julien Devriendt
Digital officer for the library network of Choisy-le-Roi



Passionate about digital creation and expression tools, Julien Devriendt will share is experience of robotics workshops taking place in public libraries, focussing on their implementation and the role they will play in the upcoming years.


Demiraslan Omer
Technology teacher (secondary level)


In 2011, Omer Demiraslan offered his pupils to compete for the RoboFesta robotics prize. Winning the prize, this school workshop became a ‘secondary-school fablab’ and welcomes more and more participants every year.


Nicolas Macé
CEO of Macé Robotics


Macé Robotics develops mobile robots for education, makers and research. Its two products, MRPi1 and MRduino, are perfect platforms to learn programming in an educational, concrete and entertaining way.

Mathieu Bessot / Nathan Morel
Artistic directors, project: Imprimator


Based on a mix of DIY and graphic design, Imprimator is a recycled printer ‘drawing’ with a pencil. By playing on superpositions and colours, the device creates original and unpredictable patterns.

Gwladys Nicol
Officer in charge of development at la Ligue de l’enseignement d’Ille-et-Vilaine and coordinator of the project D-Clics numériques


Created in September 2015, the objective of the project D-Clics numériques is to develop actions to raise-awareness and educate broad audience on digital technology. The project is lead by la Ligue de l’enseignement.


02.00pm: Code

Paulin Barthe, Emilie Krengel, Clémence Rivalier, Chloé Segalen
Students at EnsAD (Higher school of decorative arts)


As part of the curriculum, second-year students in the graphic design section of ENSAD were asked to develop an editorial object on programming language – a domain still untouched by graphic arts.


Willy Leloutre
President of Coding School


Opened in 2014, the Coding School based in Caen (FR), as recently been awarded the label ‘Higher School for digital technology’. Through internships and learning workshops, the school experiments new educational methods targeting different age groups.


Jesse Lucas
Member of collective Avoka & créateur de IF


IF is an arcade machine humorously inspired by the LOGO language taught to 1990’s primary schools pupils. It is the first installation from WeCode Expo and is an open door to programming world. 


Toutackathon pédagogique

Académie de Rennes


Organised by the regional authority in charge of education, the competition Toutackathon aims at supporting the development of digital services and resources for educational purposes. This year laureate will be present.


04.00pm: The possibilities of digital

Benoit Montigné
Wed designer / lecturer at EnSAD / PhD candidate Université Paris 8, laboratoire


Audiographic Lab is an online platform to promote ‘audiographic’ creation and more broadly, the exploration of interactions between sound creation and graphic animation. 


Jacques François Marchandise
Associate professor at Université Rennes 2 & co-founder and director for research and development at la Fing.


Since 1982, Jacques-François Marchandise has been involved in digital innovation and has worked mainly on collective ownership. He will participate in different panels during the day.



Demain ! #2

Education & digital

Saturday 15th october

09:30am to 05:00pm

2 rue de la Mabilais
06 22 22 39 58

(voir la carte des lieux)


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