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Demain ! #2

Sound & interactive interface

Maintenant & the French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo present Demain ! #2, meetings about digital creativity – taking place at Le Mabilay from the 13th until the 15th of October 2016.

Demain ! Is a space for exchange and reflection on digital creativity. Conferences, panel discussions, workshops and innovative artistic projects reveal initiatives from actors and professionals building tomorrow’s creation.

Local, national and international speakers from arts, education, research, corporate sector… present their experience and speak about new sound interfaces, objects and interaction design.

From sound’s physical and intuitive manipulation to simple and playful interfaces’ creation. At the crossroads of design and sound creation, artists, designers, engineer, developers, makers… imagine hybrid objects to simplify musical creation through playful objects.

Co-production with La French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo.

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Maxence Grugier
Journalist for MCD and DigitalArti


Maxime Grugier has been covering culture and arts news for more than fifteen years as a journalist. He is regularly invited as a speaker to discuss topics such as new digital behaviours.

02:00pm – Sound creation & new instruments

Paola Palumbo
Coordination “Research & Creation” at IRCAM


Since 2009, IRCAM (Institute for Research and Acoustic/Musical Coordination) has hosted residencies of musical and sounds IT’s actors. Paola Palumbo is responsible for this program and will present an introduction to the challenges of the making of the art-science community.

Artist, Musician


Right out of his residency at Villa Médicis, Jackson will present at Maintenant 2016 his latest creation Light Metal Music, a device translating light spectrum into sounds.

Bruno Bossis
University Professor ‘Music: new technologies and analysis’, Université Rennes 2


During these last decades, new technologies for sound creation have knocked down traditional divides between artistic disciplines. Bruno Bossis will speak about how academia adjusted to these developments.

Morgan Prudhomme
Designer and content director at Ubithings


Designed by the company Ubithings, Prizm is a new kind of audio player. Connected and smart, the device recognises the people in a room and adapts its musical selection accordingly.


03:30pm – Creatives & innovatives interfaces

Joseph Larralde
Developer in the ‘Interaction, sound, music and movements’ (ISMM) team at IRCAM


Joseph Larralde will present a selection of digital and material tools designed by the team ISMM of IRCAM through its research and development work on interactive musical systems.

Collectif Recif
Creators of Uluce, winner of the call for project ‘Art and technologies’ 2016


Created by students from Nantes, Uluce is an interactive structure with 13 sides. By touching it, the audience can activate them and improvise a sound and music symphony.

Lola Gielen
Designer artist & creator of Neo


Behind the project Neo is Lola Gielen, a Dutch designer. Designed to be accessible to everyone, her musical instrument resembles a record on which one shall put small marbles to manipulate sounds.

Jules Hotrique
Designer of Dualo


Jules Hotrique is a former math teacher, passionate about music who created Dualo, a instrument specifically designed to be altogether complete, mobile and easy-to-use.

Demain ! #2

Sound & interactive interface

Thursday 13th october

02::00pm to 05:00pm

2 rue de la Mabilais
06 22 22 39 58

(voir la carte des lieux)


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