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Expérience 2

Julia Kent (CA) - Tom Adams (UK)

EXPÉRIENCE is a program dedicated to nowadays digital creativity as well as electronic experimentations and inventive machineries. This opened space of Maintenant, laboratory for art innovations, is a favorable environment for discovering experimental forms.

Julia Kent’s cello accompanies diverse artists like Swans or Antony & the Johnsons, but it is through her own works that she deploys all her majesty. Coming with electronic processings, the strings draw sumptuous, savage and melancholic landscapes as beautiful as evocative.

Young Englishman Tom Adams -Another virtuoso with a raw sensitivity- mixes his classical training together with his passion for electronic musics and pop voices. After having composed several original movie soundtracks, remixed Max Richter and signed numerous minimalist piano pieces, he explores in his last EP, Voyages by starlight, an intimate and lyrical pop, where delicate piano notes sustain a voice out of this world, able to, as Jeff Buckley’s or Jónsi’s (Sigur Rós) ones, reach the sky.

Expérience 2

Julia Kent (CA) - Tom Adams (UK)

Wednesday 12th october

08:30pm to 10:30pm

Église Notre-Dame-En-Saint-Melaine
Place Saint-Mélaine

(voir la carte des lieux)

Bus lignes 1, 9 et 31 : arrêt Sévigné / Bus ligne 3 : arrêt Thabor/ Métro Sainte-Anne


Plein > 8 €
Réduit > 6 €
Sortir ! > 3 €

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