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Expérience 4

178° (FR)

EXPÉRIENCE is a program dedicated to nowadays digital creativity as well as electronic experimentations and inventive machineries. This opened space of Maintenant, laboratory for art innovations, is a favorable environment for discovering experimental forms.

Using laptops and guitars, the enigmatic 178° from Rennes combine apparently incompatible elements to invent an uncomfortable yet strangely beautiful music. The pureness of celestial melodies inherited from the greatest years of baroque pop music is constantly beat up by an abrasive electronic.

Expérience 4

178° (FR)

Friday 14th october

05:30pm to 06:30pm

Pôle musique bibliothèque – Les Champs Libres
10 cours des Alliés
02 23 40 66 00

(voir la carte des lieux)

Métros Charles de Gaulle, Gares


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