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Expérience 6

Le Comte (FR)

EXPÉRIENCE is a program dedicated to nowadays digital creativity as well as electronic experimentations and inventive machineries. This opened space of Maintenant, laboratory for art innovations, is a favorable environment for discovering experimental forms.

From Rennes, Le Comte (Monogram, Juveniles) makes – thanks to his tinkered modular synthesisers – an ambiant music dyed with electronica. The four tracks of his EP ‘Chaleur et mouvement’  were all labelled after a woman’s name and encapsulate Tangerine Dream or Boards of Canada. Maybe if you listen to the dreamlike and nostalgic melodies, blurry and framed delicately, you will be able to see polaroids and what dreams’ colours look like.

Free, booking advised via +33 2 23 40 66 00

Expérience 6

Le Comte (FR)

Saturday 15th october

05:30pm to 06:30pm

Salle Anita Conti – Les Champs Libres
10 cours des Alliés
02 23 40 66 00

(voir la carte des lieux)

Métros Charles de Gaulle, Gares


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