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Nuit Électronique 3

Ben UFO (UK) - Lena Wilikens (DE) - Le Matin (FR) - Collectif Deuxcentdix (FR)

NUITS ELECTRONIQUES gather new talents on stage, sought after visionaries and emblematic figures who shape tomorrow’s electronic music and invite you to dance until dawn.

Le Martin’s strange music exhales the dark sadness you might glimpse upon during twilight. His live performance mix mournful synthetisers, acid sounds, disturbed rhythm boxes and vocals gimmicks. Signed on Cómeme (label of Matias Aguayo) and resident at Salon des Amateurs (famous nightclub in Düsseldorf), Lena Wilikens is one of the symbol of the emerging electronic scene in Germany. Her sets are known to be extensive with a strong taste for strange sounds from Asia or Africa, blended with martial techno. Being one of the most valued DJ right now, Ben UFO is co-founder (with Pearson Sound) of the label Hessle Audio that revealed artists such as James Blake, Blawan or Untold. His outstanding technic, his thirst for new sounds and his sharp selections blending jungle, jazz, techno and garage, make every one of his performance ravishing. Collective Deuxcentdix invites you to be part of a joint and funny experience, Point à Point. Between 2 sets, grab a luminous helmet and test a new way to draw.

Nuit Électronique 3

Ben UFO (UK) - Lena Wilikens (DE) - Le Matin (FR) - Collectif Deuxcentdix (FR)

Satursday 15th october

12:00pm to 06:00am

Antipode MJC
2 rue André Trasbot
02 99 67 32 12

(voir la carte des lieux)

Bus ligne 9 : arrêt Ferdinand de Lesseps


Sur place > 22 €
Prévente > 18 €
Carte Admit > 16 €
Sortir ! > 7 €

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