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Carte mémoire

Bérengère Amiot (FR) & des habitants de Rennes (FR)

Interactive model of Rennes, Carte Mémoire is an invitation to wander around stories and animations in virtual reality. Eight inhabitants and Bérengère Amiot (designer) conceived this installation following up a journey of meetings and talks that evolve around visual arts and digital tools.

This experience took place between April and June 2017 by Electroni[k] in collaboration with and with support of CCAS (a Community Center for the elderly and disabled people), conceived in partnership with Hôtel Pasteur.


 Inauguration: October 10th at 7:00pm

October 10th to 15th

12:00am to 08:00pm

Théâtre du Vieux Saint-Étienne
14 rue d’Échange
+33 6 22 22 39 58

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Subway station Sainte-Anne / Bus lines C1, C5, 9, 12 : Sainte-Anne station


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