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Demain 3 – Books, reading and digital

Vincent Godeau & Agathe Demois, Julia Spiers, Jean-Jacques Birgé, Gaëlle Pelachaud, Martin Lambert & Sandra Mellot, Camille Duvelleroy, Christina Lumineau, Super Julie, Fanny Gauthron - Rue des livres, les enseignants et élèves de l'école Trégain à Rennes (FR)

Demain 3 is a space for exchange and reflection on digital creativity. Conferences, panel discussions, workshops and innovative artistic projects reveal initiatives from actors and professionals building tomorrow’s creation. Local, national and international speakers from arts, education, research, corporate sector… present their experience and initiative.

What is nowadays reading and what will the book of tomorrow look like?

Digital transforms our everyday lives, our connection to the world, to knowledge and to objects that surround us. In the world of publishing, the way we read and the medium we use evolve. The form and the content broaden in order to enable new experiences, placing the reader as an actor of the story. Is interaction becoming central ? What new uses, contents, forms of narration come up ?

Digital and animated books, augmented reality, pop-up, applications, combinatorial or connected stories… Numerous innovations make books sensitive, with our without a digital aspect. Graphic studios, libraries, multimedia libraries, publishers, artists, authors, illustrators, schools, key actors and places talk about their reflexions and initiatives. When tangible and digital meet and complement one another, between paper and screen : we will provoke thoughts and vision, but also touch and manipulation, of new hybrid objects.


9h30     Juliette Josselin – Introduction / Electroni[k]

Morning: Reading, new scenarios
10h            Teachers & students of School Trégain à Maurepas / Histoires Connectées‘s residency
10h30       Camille Duvelleroy / interactive scenarist – La grande histoire du petit trait
11h             Gaëlle Pelachaud / author of “Livres animés : entre papier et écran”
11h30        Christina Lumineau / Laplikili

12h – 13h  Networking space
13h – 14h BREAK
Afternoon: Books, objects & innovations
14h           Martin Lambert & Sandra Mellot / Mobilis, École de Design Nantes Atlantique, Université de Nantes & Stereolux / Cycle « Le livre et la lecture dans 5 ans »
14h30      Vincent Godeau & Agathe Demois / artists of Cache-cache Ville
15h           Julia Spiers / Graphist & illustrator / hybrid editorial objects
15h30      Edith Depond / La Moretaine – Tiguidou
16h           Fanny Gautheron / Rue des Livres / biblio-connection
16h30      Jean-Jacques Birgé / multimedia artist, sound designer sonore, author



October 13th

09:30am to 05:00pm

Maison des Associations
6 Cours des Alliés
+33 2 23 40 02 50

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Subway station Charles de Gaulle // Bus lignes C1, C2, C3, 11, 12 : Champs Libres station


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