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Expérience 6

Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT)

Expérience is a program dedicated to nowadays digital creativity as well as electronic experimentations and inventive machineries. This opened space of Maintenant, laboratory for art innovations, is a favorable environment for discovering experimental forms.

In his works, the Viennese sound artist Andreas Trobollowitsch uses string instruments as well as numerous everyday objects (fans, turn tables, tools…) that he transforms in order to make actual handmade instruments whose sound potential is unexplored, as part of installations, performances and compositions for dance, theater, movies and the radio.

Andreas Trobollowitsch is an explorer of the sound matter; he also explores its links with the physical dimension: his creations -on the borders of sculpture and conceptual art- are fascinating whether looking at or listening to it.

Andreas Trobollowitsch during Maintenant 2017 is supported by SHAPE Platform. SHAPE is an initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. See the SHAPE artists 2017.

Free entrance

October 14th

07:00pm to 09:00pm

EESAB-site de Rennes

34 rue Hoche

+33 2 23 62 22 64


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Subway station Sainte-Anne / Bus lines C1, C5, 9, 12 : Sainte-Anne station


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