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Nuit Électronique 1

Kassem Mosse (DE), Courtesy (DK), Willow (UK) & Louveteau 6.3 FM (FR)

The Nuits Électroniques gather emerging talents on stage that are coveted visionaries and emblematic figures who shape tomorrow’s electronic music. This year, Electroni[k] settles for two nights in the Antipode Mjc on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of October.

The German Kassem Mosse  is one of the most respected musicians in today’s electronic music. In his sets and productions, he unveils a rich in paradoxes and inimitable style, as complex as melodic, mental and danceable. Courtesy is a Greenland-born journalist, supervisor of a label and DJ. She mixes together saturated textures, whittled productions, silky electro, and rhythms with rave overtones. Filled up with sensuality and emotional depth, the melodic house of the Mancunian Willow caresses souls as well as bodies. As for Louveteau 6.3 FM of Rennes, he will deliver a post-techno live thanks to his synthesizers and his analog drum machine.

October 13th

12:00pm to 06:00am

2 rue André Trasbot
+33 2 99 67 32 12

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Bus line 9 : Ferdinand de Lesseps station


On site > 20 €
Presale > 16 €
Carte Admit > 14 €
Sortir ! > 5 €

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