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Art, music & technology

Since 2001, the association Electroni[k] is mindful about the issues of booming disciplines and works to open emerging cultures and innovative art practices to the public. The presented works meet different audiences, in intimate venues as well as more collective and festive ones, on several territories. The association produces creations putting together arts, music and technologies.  

The boundaries between visual arts, music, dance, drama, cinema are more and more permeable and tend to vanish. The artists create multidisciplinary works where sounds, bodies, voices, fixed or moving images take part in the same project. This is due to art practices that are more and more cross-disciplinary but also to public cultural practices that develop, because of the emergency of new technologies and their democratization, new uses and relational ways.  

At the crossing of these two approaches, it should be done to work with new inventive, poetic, sensible, and flexible artistic forms where anyone, no matter his place, history, status, education, territory, may progress. Electroni[k] creates every year an artistic project combining numerous disciplines, addressing new territories and all publics.


Team of Maintenant 2017

Coordination / curation: Gabriel Biau, Arnaud Briens, Boris Clénet, Nicolas Combes, Cyril Guillory, Gaétan Naël, Laure Offret, Anastasia Philippe, Thomas Rémillieux & Dominique Vrignaud

Production: Bérengère Amiot, Hadrien Cosnard, Cyril Guillory, Cécile Mahé & Lucie Smith
Communication / press / partnership: Hadrien Cosnard, Castille Lemonnier, Jeanne Pidoux & Florine Rupin
Cultural action, artistic education & relations with publics: Bérengère Amiot, Laura Athéa, Lucile Blanchemanche, Flora Bruneteau, Pascaline Fradet, Juliette Josselin & Bérénice Sellier
 Volunteer management: Clara Estandié
Conferences Demain 3: Lucile Blanchemanche & Florine Rupin
Administration: Cécile Mahé
Web: Dominique Vrignaud & La Confiserie
Creation visual identity Maintenant 2017: Erosie
Creation Maintenant 2017’s print supports: Clarisse Guillochon

Photographies : Gaëlle Evellin, Gwendal Le Flem, Mip Pava & Dominique Vrignaud
Video : Vincent Cadoret & Damien Stein
Traduction: Boris Clénet, Eve Gesbert & Anastasia Philippe

Team: Mathis Alexandre, Alice Allain, Sonia Benyahia, Alice Broin, Nelly Burel, Augustine Castel, Lola Chanut, Frédéric Chevron, Marine Clergeau, Romain Coulon, Laureline Desplanches, Corinne De Ryck, Manon Decharles, Christophe Ducordeau, Nell Emery, Tom Folie, Hugo Fregoni, Timothy Gaignoux, Adeline Gallou, Lisa Hamon, Vincent Hillereau, Émilie Hoyet, Orane Jegouzeau, Mathilde Julan, Baptiste La Barbe, Mathias Labbé, Julien Leblond, Yvan Le Bras, Yoann Legaignoux, Manon Lemarchand, Laurène Le Meitour, Lucas Leprovost, Olivier Lhopiteau, Maxime Manceau, Marie Mompas, Lucille Milliard, Jodène Morand, Jay Palmer, Johanna Pawelski, Mathilde Porquet, Catherine Rué, Pierre-Louis Thomas, Jules Thouvenin, Harmony Touguet, Camille Vaillier, Benoît Vallauri, David Verlingue, Nicolas Wujek…



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