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Publié le 17 September

Interview of Joasihno – Expériences 3 & 4

A foretaste of Joasihno‘s performance at Maintenant Festival 2018 in this interview.


Can you please introduce yourselves?

We are Joasihno – an experimental electronic duo based in Munich/Germany.


What is your musical background? How did you come to create music with computers, electronics, and technology?

We are both doing music for a long time and over the past 10 years got more and more into making music with computers.


One can find prints of minimal and contemporary classical music. Would you say these styles inspire you? Can you talk about other inspiring influences?

Listening to Steve Reich’s music for the first time was really a huge impact. I totally admire the combination of the hypnotic effect of this music packed in the crystal clear structures of his compositions. But also “Moondog” is a big influence for us – his great mixture of strict counterpoint composing in combination with trashy percussive beats is very unique and heartbreaking beautiful. Other big influences are all the electronic pioneers from the 60’s like “Raymond Scott”, “Delia Derbyshire”, Bruce Haack”. And there are also a lot of contemporary electronic music that live from the same ideas like “Lucky Dragons”, “Jam Money”… So much good music out there!


Can you describe your work while composing music? How different is it from your approach for live music?

Mostly writing music starts for us with finding sounds and then creating melodies/chords. Afterwards structures are made. This can be led by the feeling to create an organic arrangement or also more theoretical/concept-orientated ideas. In the live-version everything is probably played more “decorated” and we also want to give the listener/viewer the chance to see how we do the music. We don’t want to be a band doing live music behind laptops.


How important is experimentation with technology and hardware devices in your process of creation?

Technology is very important for us and also a big part of finding ideas.


You build your own instruments from highly technological parts but also with raw materials. Is this duality important to you?

I really like the contrast between analog and digital – soundwise but also in the way how we build our instruments. I personally think that contrasts are something very nice in human perception in general (sound, colours, taste,…) and can create a rich picture.


Your live shows are partly based on improvisation and perhaps more random sound generations. What is your favorite role on stage?

I really like our rotating beaters, that create these random polyrhythmic patterns – could listen to this for a long time.


Your live setup plays a key role in your performances. Can you talk about how you designed it? Do you adapt it to each location?

We designed it together with friends that helped us to build all the tecnical parts. We have to adapt it a little at every concert since each stage situation might be slightly different.


What are your upcoming projects?

For our stay at SXSW in the USA this March we built a very tiny and completely battery driven version of our setup. We want to play as much as possible in the public space and tour cities with this setup. We are really looking forward to bring some music out on the streets and to be part of a celebration of the power of human creation.


Thank you Joasihno and hope to see you in October 2018 in Rennes!

Thank you and yes – hope to see you in October in Rennes!


Joasihno – Nuh Nuh


Interview by Boris Clénet


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 Joasihno is supported by SHAPE Platform. SHAPE is an initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

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