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Ambiance Électronique 2 – Electroni[k]

Caterina Barbieri (IT), Tryphème (FR) & Vanadís (FR)

Caterina Barbieri (IT)

Currently based in Berlin, the Italy-born Caterina Barbieri composer has always been fascinated by the sound of synthesizers – old ones as well as new ones. These mystical instruments create cosmic waves that are the core of Barbieri’s timeless compositions, showing her mastery in rhythm and her natural gift for creating mental and hypnotic atmospheres.

Whether live or recorded, the Italian artist creates a repetitive and intoxicating music with, sometimes, a hint of sensual coldness. Her tracks are well-known at the Atonal Festival, an unmissable event in Berlin, where they trigger an urge to pay attention – simply by listening or through dancing.

Caterina Barbieri is also a researcher for the Elektronmusikstudion of Stockholm. She studies the sound properties of historical synthesizers. Her album Patterns of Consciousness (Important Records, 2017) was critically acclaimed by the audience and the critics altogether.




Tryphème (FR)

Tryphème produces a hybrid music made of foggy melodies and striking rhythms. Facing the pop side of electronic music, her musical universe is a mix of electro, synthwave and shoegaze, all of it suffused with emotions and energy.

She released her first album, Online Dating, in January 2017 on the Central Processing Unit label which is also behind some of Maelstrom’s productions. Since then, there is a growing interest in this young artist, who is currently composing new tracks aiming to be part of a self-produced release. Alone on stage and surrounded by her machines, Tryphème plays and sings melodies that reveal both the radiance but also the dark side of her music, as if the artist was embarking on an endless quest for varied aesthetic hybridizations.

Some noteworthy shows at Concrète, Le Batofar in Paris, Le Sucre in Lyon, as well as a Boiler Room in collaboration with the prestigious label Warp Records, made Tryphème one of the rising artists of the French scene.


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Vanadís (FR)

Vanadís​ est une tête chercheuse invétérée. Résidente et fondatrice de ÖND à Rennes, elle déploie un spectre musical large, allant de l’acid à l’électro en passant par l’EBM et la techno industrielle. Chaque set est une véritable avalanche de sonorités dissonantes et rythmes déstructurés aux tempos variés.

Resident Advisor


Cover picture: Caterina Barbieri © Visvaldas Morkevicius

 Caterina Barbieri is supported by SHAPE Platform. SHAPE is an initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

October 10th

08:00pm to 12:00am

14 rue d’Échange
+33 6 22 22 39 58



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