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Culture Experience Days: master class with NSDOS (FR)


Master class with NSDOS (FR)


The French organization Adami created the Culture Experience Days program, which links artistic creation and technologic innovation. Within this frame, the musician, performer, dancer and creator NSDOS will invite the audience to apprehend his world through a performance, following up a conference.

That master class will be the occasion to discover the work of NSDOS and his creation process through new technologies and diverted uses. It will happen in two times:

2:00 pm > Presentation of his creation process and his use of tools within his artistic projects (captors, 3D cameras, softwares, creation of his own tools, etc)

3:30 pm > Performance of NSDOS


After graduating from Dance School, NSDOS aka Kirikoo Des looked for sounds he could dance to. He therefore had to create a new sound order, an alternative approach to music, through abstraction.

NSDOS wouldn’t settle for simple softwares to compose, he rather creates his own medium: futuristic instruments assembled through old sound cards, Game Boy emulators, small pieces of metal, dissected then reassembled to create surrealistic machines.

Surrounded by all those hybrid tools, he deconstructs the straight anatomy of techno. Pads are distorted, rhythms are shattered, sounds are mutilated- brought back to their essence. NSDOS started this sound odyssey in his native city Paris then developed it in Berlin- a town he views as a giant laboratory in which he can experiment new possibilities.




Cover picture: NSDOS © Sienna Shield

Adami presents Culture Experience Days.

October 12th

02:00pm to 04:00pm

4bis Cours des Alliés
+33 2 23 40 02 50



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SUBWAY: Charles de Gaulle station 
/ BUS lines C1, C2, C3, 11, 12: Champs Libres/Charles de Gaulle stop / STAR BIKE: Charles de Gaulle station


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