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Demain 4 – Air, innovation & inflatable architectures

Dynamorphe (FR), Hans-Walter Müller (DE), Octave Courtin (FR), La Bulle (FR), Serge Architecture (FR), Gabriela Deleu (FR), Aérosculpture (FR), Phil Ayres (DK), Victor Guerithault (FR) & Miquel Peiro (ES/FR)

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The 4th edition of the Demain conferences highlights the experiences and initiatives of nowadays actors and professionals who make and take part in tomorrow’s creation as well as yesterday’s. In 2018, Electroni[k] joins forces with the artists and architects from the Dynamorphe collective to offer a one-day meeting around air, inflatable architectures and its innovations.

Air as a building material ? Air as a way to meet, interact and create social cohesion ? Air as an art medium, to model, rethink, create sound, spread… ? Come and discover the approach, the practice and the creations of artists, engineers and architects, guided by this incredible matter.



10:00 am > 12:00 pm: Air as an alternative way of constructing
→ Hans-Walter Müller 🇩🇪
→ Phil Ayres 🇩🇰
→ Miquel Peiro 🇪🇸🇫🇷
→ Dynamorphe 🇫🇷

2:00 pm > 3:00 pm: New uses of the air in the city
Round-table discussion with:
→ Sofyan Martin & Mustar Gilles 🇫🇷 / La Bulle
→ Camille Lemeunier & Géraldine de Schrevel 🇫🇷 / Serge 
→ Gabriela Deleu 🇧🇷 / Inflou

3:30 pm > 5:00 pm: Aerial and poetic art creations
→ Jean-Pierre David 🇫🇷
→ Victor Guerithault 🇫🇷
→ Octave Courtin 🇫🇷


Moderation: Dynamorphe collective


Illustration © Plasticbionic

October 11th

10:00am to 05:00pm

6 Cours des Alliés
+33 2 23 40 02 50



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SUBWAY: Charles de Gaulle station / BUS lines C1, C2, C3, 11, 12: Champs Libres/Charles de Gaulle stop / STAR BIKE: Charles de Gaulle station


Free entry by registration

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