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Expérience 7

Octave Courtin (FR)

Octave Courtin (FR) – Capharnaüm


With Capharnaüm, Octave Courtin develops an unusual artistic universe somewhere between a performance and a sound piece, while studying the astonishing properties of air, its throughput and its flow, using giant balloons that produce a stunning symphony.

For this performance, Octave Courtin places three 2m-wide balloons on the ground, each of them having its own power supply. The sounds that are generated by the installation are coordinated to snippets of accordion, voice and breath ; the air flow (organic and mechanical) being the meeting point of these elements.

Octave Courtin plays with the link between the shape of his device and the way it is located in the space. Everything is installed in a way that it creates a sound and visual spatialization relatively to the context. Here, the circular placement increases the resonance between sounds and the shape of the selected elements.

The whole installation benefits from a true harmonic wealth, coming with a dynamic polyrhythm, supported by effects of textures and lights on the surfaces of the balloons, in turns inflated and deflated.


Cover picture: Capharnaüm © Octave Courtin


Parlement de Bretagne © DR

Try to be there in advance as there will be a security gate to go through.

Capharnaüm is funded by the Région Ile-de-France.

Thanks: Ministère de la Justice and the Cour d’appel of Rennes.

October 13th

04:00pm or 05:30pm

Place du Parlement de Bretagne
+33 6 22 22 39 58



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SUBWAY: République station / BUS Every line going to Rennes city centre: République stop / STAR BIKE: Mairie stop


Full: 5€ / Sortir !: 2€

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