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Multiple of Five

Nils Völker (DE)

Multiple of Five is one of the numerous expressions of German artist Nils Völker’s floating world. His installation is composed of a moving column, lighter than air, made of forty plastic bags that seem to be breathing.

In his singular way, Nils Völker uses everyday material and evocative colours (here, the blue, white and red of the French flag) to create intangible forms, assisted by a personalised computing programme. They thus give an organic and rhythmic movement to the whole, along with a regular breathing sound.

Living and unsettling, this sculpture sways between the monumental and the immaterial, by evolving thanks to the 320 invisible ventilators that animate it. The wave movements add pauses, which confers an almost natural form to this installation -emphasizing its disturbing strangeness even more.



Cover picture: © Gwendal Le Flem

 Inauguration: Thursday, 4th October at 6:30pm.

Oct. 5th to Nov. 24th

02:00pm to 8:30pm Mon. to Fri.
9am to 1pm on Sat.
Exceptional opening Sat. 6th & 13th and Sun. 7th & 14th : 2pm to 6pm

18 rue des Plantes
+33 2 99 87 49 49



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