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Paddling Pools

Nils Völker (DE)

Astonishing inflatable sculptures plunged into darkness, Paddling Pools is one of the latest creations by Nils Völker, a German artist who has already been invited in the Maintenant Festival in 2016 with his installation Seventeen. This performer is well known for his living kinetic installations lighter than air, some choregraphies of large-scale air cushions or the display of moving plastic bags.

Nils Völker is passionate about physical representation of computing principles (patterns, cycles, algorithmic mechanics, etc), but he is also fascinated by daily rituals, that he transcends in wavy and breathing rhythmic animations.

A subtle demonstration of links between natural phenomena (wind, movement) and artificial elements or manufactured products, Paddling Pools is a poetic installation. It is somewhere in between a playful expression and a critique of our industrial society, an artwork that connects the physical world of objects to a digital one, between art and technology.


Cover picture: © Gwendal Le Flem


Les 3 CHA in Châteaugiron © DR

 Inauguration: Friday, 5th October at 6:30pm.

Paddling Pools is presented in partnership with art centre Les 3 CHA of Châteaugiron.

Otc. 6th to 27th

02:00pm to 5pm on Wed. & Fri.
10am to 12pm & 2pm to 6pm on Sat.
Exceptional opening Sun. 7th : 10am to 1pm

Le Château, Boulevard Julien et Pierre Gourdel, 35410 Châteaugiron
+33 2 99 37 41 69



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