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Publié le 17 October

20 000 thanks!

You were 20,000 to participate and discover locals and international artists, between concerts, conferences, performances, exhibitions and installations. A big THANK YOU for your presence and your curiosity!

We thank each and every volunteer, artist and speaker who made this edition possible!
Thanks also to all our institutional, private and media partners and to all the people who supported us and contributed to the success of this 2018’s edition.

We invite you to come back next year for new sensitive, inventive and poetic artistic proposals!


Expérience 2 : Saudaá Group © Gwendal Le Flem


Maintenant 2018 lasts some more weeks with three expositions and installations:

► until October 20th: Rêveries Augmentées by Waii-Waii & les élèves de l’école du Chat Perché, at Médiathèque de Brie
► until October 27th: Paddling Pools by Nils Völker, at centre d’art Les 3 CHA in Châteaugiron
► until November 24th: Multiple of Five by Nils Völker, at Grand Cordel Mjc in Rennes


> Relive the last weekend in video! <



Maintenant 2018 with a few figures

► 10 days in 19 venues in Rennes Metropole and beyond
► 60 artists and speakers from 19 to 82 years old: Joanna, the youngest artist welcomed for her first live performance, to Hans-Walter Müller, the pioneer of inflatable architectures
► 20,000 people who let themselves be carried away by the different artistic proposals
► 63 group visits with 1,055 people
► 32 events
► 45 hours of concerts
► 10 hours of conferences
► 10 exhibitions
► 150 people organizing this edition

m-O-m by Thomas Laigle © Gwendal Le Flem


Relive the festival in pictures

Maintenant invited you to a journey through a poetic, sonorous and artistic experiences.

See the pictures of each events thanks to the Iceberg Collective / Shake House Association for their video reports, as well as Juliette Bauge, Marc Blanchard, Valentin Crevat, Younn Durand, Lia Goarand, Erwan Keromen, Gwendal Le Flem, Élodie Le Gall and Jérémy Thoraval, for their insight into each of the artistic projects presented.

Expérience 9 : Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch at Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rennes © Gwendal Le Flem


> All the pictures <


Paddling Pools
, Nils Völker

until October 27th

Luminous symphony of 20 paddling pools, the latest in-situ creation of the German artist’s is a poetic work between art and technology, a playful and critical expression of our industrial society.

Centre d’art Les 3 CHA – Châteaugiron – Premiere:
► From Wednesday to Friday between 2pm and 5pm
► Saturday between 10am and 12pm and between 2pm and 6pm

© Gwendal Le Flem



Multiple of Five, Nils Völker
until November 24th

Multiple of Five is a moving column, light as air, made up of forty plastic bags that give the impression of breathing. Lively, disturbing, this sculpture evolves according to the 320 invisible fans that animate it.

Le Grand Cordel Mjc – Rennes :
► From Monday to Friday between 2pm and 8:30pm
► Saturday between 9am and 1pm

© Gwendal Le Flem



Do you want to keep a souvenir of this 2018’s edition?

© Plasticbionic et Clarisse Guillochon

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