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Posted on 3 September

► Announcement of the complete program!

Maintenant is a festival of arts, music and new technologies:
10 days of concerts, exhibitions, installations and conferences, on the territory of Rennes Métropole.

Let yourself be embroiled by the different proposals!


Exhibitions / Installations

Ambiances Electroniques 



To find your way around, don’t hesitate to use the Artists entrance!

And find the proposals presented at the Théâtre du Vieux St-Etienne, the Headquarters.

This year, a new page, Venues, has also been added, to take the mesure of its diversity !

A.N.I : Bear Bones, Lay Low* (BE) + Black Zone Myth Chant (FR) + Don’t DJ (DE) 〰 Astrid Sonne* (DK) 〰 Asuna (JP) 〰 AZF* (FR) 〰 Ben Bertrand (BE) 〰 Benjamin Cochois (FR) 〰 Cera Khin (TN/DE) 〰 Crystallmess* (FR) 〰 Dynamorphe (FR) 〰 Elly Oldman (FR) 〰 Errorsmith (DE) 〰 Hatis Noit (JP/UK) 〰 Ines Alpha (FR) 〰 Julie Stephen Chheng (FR) 〰 Klass Sirius (FR) 〰 Kooper (FR) 〰 Kryshe (DE) 〰 Leissen (FR) 〰 Laurie Rowan (UK) 〰 Lucas Paris (CA/FR) 〰 Maison Tangible & Errratum (FR) 〰 Mad Miran (NL) 〰 Marie-G. Losseau & Yann Deval (BE/FR) 〰 Michela Pelusio (IT) 〰 Molécule (FR) 〰 Nicolas Bazoge (FR) 〰 Obsequies* (BE) 〰 OD Bongo* (FR/BE) 〰 Ouai Stéphane (FR) 〰 panGenerator (PL) 〰 Pantha du Prince (DE) 〰 Peach* (CA/UK) 〰 Playtronica (RU/FR) 〰 Pura Pura (FR) 〰 Radio Minus DJ spécial Chevance (etc.) (FR) 〰 re:ni (UK) 〰 Sentimental Rave* (FR) 〰 Sherelle (UK) 〰 Slikback (KE) 〰 Studio Superbe (BE) 〰 Thomas Pons (FR) 〰 upsammy (NL) 〰 Utilitaire Disk (FR) 〰 Vanadís (FR) 〰 Vincent Leroy (FR) …

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