Posted on 20 December

DJmag talks about Maintenant 2019

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“Combining a passion for cutting-edge electronic music with an exploration of new technology, Maintenant Festival is a eye-opening alternative to round out the summer… 

 Set in the magical Théâtre du Vieux St-Étienne in the heart of Rennes in France, Maintenant Festival is about to host another nine-day celebration of arts, music and technology. “Maintenant was born in response to the acceleration and democratization of new technologies,” explains Gaétan NAËL, artistic director of the festival. “The desire to see, hear, live and participate in unique experiences — sometimes discovered on the internet — without going through the screens of our home computers, smartphones or tablets.” 

The project began in 2001, running officially under this name since 2013, and these days attracts 20-30,000 people across 18 venues in the capital city of Brittany. Based around a converted 12th-century church, the space is transformed with a full programme of installations and performances. On the DJ line-up are the likes of Pantha Du Prince, Peach, Errorsmith, Sherelle and Upsammy, as well as local talent including AZF — known for her Rinse FM France shows — Parisian DJ/producer Sentimental Rave, and Mille Feuilles label boss Molécule. On booking artists, Gaétan reveals that the aim is “to report and enjoy the excitement of a scene: between new talents, coveted visionaries and emblematic figures who are shaping the future of electronic music”. Previous years’ bookings include Deena Abdelwahed, Vladimir Ivkovic, Kassem Mosse and Varg

Outside of the music there are exhibitions scattered across the rest of the city to explore, such as Vincent Leroy’s Auréole Boréale — a celestial floating ring that hovers above ground — plus there’ll be a day of talks to discuss “virtual, augmented and mixed realities” for those wanting to expand their minds further. Maintenant is an original offering in the ever-growing crowd of end-of-the-summer festivals, and one designed to “collectively explore new possibilities and forms of expression” in unique surroundings.”

By Anna Wall – DJmag n°597 – September 2019


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