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Electroni[k], Art, music & technology

Since 2001, Electroni[k] association has been working to open up emerging cultures, to support contemporary and multidisciplinary artistic creation, and to discover new inventive, poetic and sensitive artistic forms.

Every year in October, Electroni[k] presents Maintenant festival, a panorama of today’s creativity in visual arts, music and new technologies: 80 local and international artists offer intimate, festive or monumental artistic experiences in 20 venues in and around Rennes for 10 days. Exhibitions, performances, interactive installations, conferences, workshops and concerts take place in patrimonial venues and atypical spaces of the territory: Ancient church from 12th century as headquarters, Museum of fine arts, swimming pool, Parliament…

Beyond the festival, Electroni[k] works all year round to support, produce and disseminate original creations, and to open up innovative artistic practices through workshops, training, artist residencies and educational actions with a large audience (schools, families, students, socially disadvantaged people, seniors, etc.).

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