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Posted on 5 June


This year, British artist Laurie Rowan designed the visual. Populated by a fantastic bestiary, his work uses 3D creation and animation techniques with which he produces offbeat saynètes.

Festival Maintenant 2019 – Visuel animé par Laurie Rowan from Association Electroni[k] on Vimeo.

 The overflowing imagination that he deploys conjures up the universe of manga as much as that of affichisme, tales and a certain folklore. Approached by Google, out of Pictoplasma and currently on a hologram project, Laurie Rowan delivers for #Maintenant2019 an animated, pop, colorful visual, with a false naive look.

Like today’s creativity, it is a real ecosystem that comes alive, bubbling, teeming and hybrid!

Living beings that evolve autonomously but also form a common body, in all their diversity and without borders. It is this whimsical, endearing and creative world that will accompany the fall season and dress the streets of Rennes.


Some questions to Laurie Rowan:

  • What are your artistic references, your inspirations?

A lot of my inspiration revolves around animal behaviour, I like mating rituals and the pageantry of birds and their exotic plumage. I also look at fashion and textiles. I love the tactility of ceramics and spend quite a bit of time looking at them. Folk costume. I fill my mind mind with all of these things then allow them to mingle in my subconscious then I output that as free drawing and work it into something that reveals it’s own context.

  • About Maintenant’s identity, where did you start and how did you construct it?

I started by looking at Maintenant and familiarize myself with the tastes and values of the festival. Once I had this established in my mind, I let it act as the background to the piece, but as always when creating my compositions I let creative play dictate my decisions initially and then work the results of that towards the theme. 

  • What influenced you to create those specific characters?

I wanted to create a range of characters that were as diverse as the elements that make up the festival, and yet represented a cohesive whole or collective. They’re a mash up shapes that I felt contained traces musicality and various forms of expression.

  • Does the poster tell a story?

Not a literal story no, to me it conveys a tone of openness and celebration. I also think it’s loose enough for people to make up their own story and I think there’s a lot of pleasure to be had in that.

  • What would the characters say if they were able to speak?

I don’t think they’d speak, I think they’d sound like a chorus of horns, chaotically parping, chatting away and having conversations we don’t understand.

  • What do the characters make you think of? (we saw balloons, bowling, totems, candy!)

They make me think of wooden toys from the 60s in mustard tones, funfairs, totems and cartoons drawn by children from memory.


About the artist:


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