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L'Antipode MJC

Coordonnées :
2, Rue André Trasbot
35000 Rennes
02 99 67 32 12


Acces :

BUS lignes 9, 13 : arrêt Ferdinand De Lesseps


L’Antipode MJC is a cultural, artistic and educational venue located in the Cleunay district of Rennes. Created in the 1970s, this youth and culture center includes a library, a youth center, a local entertainment center (citizen café, socio-cultural and recreational activities) as well as a scene of contemporary music of regional renown.

By 2020, the structure will move 500 meters from its current location to a new 3,500 m2 venue located on the border between the Cleunay and La Courrouze districts. The Contemporary Music Centre will then have a concert hall with 1,000 seats (standing and seated configuration), and a club with 150 seats.

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