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Sentimental Rave (FR), Lucas Paris (CA/FR)


As a rising star in the techno scene, it only took a few months and some notable appearances at Berghain (the famous Berlin club) to Sentimental Rave to get everyone to agree. DJ, producer, and self-taught photographer, the Frenchwoman draws her inspiration from bass music, gabber, acid house and techno to deliver sets from which we do not emerge completely unscathed. A way to inaugurate in the best possible way this 19th edition of the Maintenant Festival!

AntiVolume IN/EXT, Quad 2019 version

Rough sounds and unstructured melodies collide in Lucas Paris‘ universe, which offers sophisticated electronic compositions. The Montreal artist creates his digital instruments, imagines new forms of performance and seeks in his creations to provoke innovative experiences for the spectator. Starting from a dark and millimetric universe, Lucas Paris proposes for the inauguration of Maintenant 2019 a new version of his audiovisual performance AntiVolume, in quadraphonic sound. Composed of algorithms and improvisations, the performance immerses the spectator in a luminous and sonorous journey. Four luminous pylons structure the stage space and react according to the sound impulses to create an immersive and contemporary experience, to be experienced at the Théâtre du Vieux St-Étienne to begin the journey of Maintenant 2019!

*Sentimental Rave is presented with the support of  SHAPE platformco-funded by the Creative Europe Programm of the European Union

Friday 4th october


Théâtre du Vieux St-Etienne

14 rue d’Échange

06 22 22 39 58



14 rue d’Échange

+33 6 22 22 39 58



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SUBWAY: Sainte-Anne station
 / BUS line 31: Dinan stop / STAR BIKE: Sainte-Anne station


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