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Ambiance Électronique 5

OD Bongo (FR/BE), Upsammy (NL)


OD Bongo is the meeting of two minds: Edouard Ribuyo and Amedée De Murcia. The first is at the head of the label ThirdTypeTapes, producer of a noisy and adventurous electronica under the name of C_C. His fellow traveller is also a well-known veteran of the electronic scene with his project Somaticae, and a troublemaker of distorted rock within the band Balladur. On the fringes of the industrial dub scene, the duo propose a jouissif and improvised chaos, in the middle of the audience, and without any concession. The two accomplices take a malicious pleasure in bringing the listeners into a state of trance, under the fire of stroboscopic visual effects. Their experiments are similar to the sonic explorations of groups such as Techno Animal or Pan Sonic, and have already shaken up more than one dancefloor in Brittany, notably during the Visions 2018 festival and the 24 heures de Rennes. One of the most intense lives of the moment!


If you plan to go to Amsterdam soon, chances are you will hear about Thessa Torsing, better known as upsammy, one of the most prominent DJs on the Dutch electro scene. The discovery of his music is like an experimental journey into the world of electronic music where the beats resonate to take us further and further. Are you ready for the experience?

*presented with the support of SHAPE platformco-funded by the Creative Europe Programm of the European Union
© Thessa
upsammy 〰► the Quietus
OD Bongo 〰► Next Liberation

Friday 11th October


Théâtre du Vieux St-Etienne
14 rue d’Échange
35000 Rennes
+33 6 22 22 39 58



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SUBWAY: Sainte-Anne station
 / BUS line 31: Dinan stop / STAR BIKE: Sainte-Anne station


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