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Animated Chronicles

Thomas Pons (FR)

With Uramado, Animated Chronicles, Thomas Pons gives us a snapshot of daily life in Japan. Born from a residence at Villa Kujoyama and a prolonged immersion in Japanese habits, this exhibition outlines a society where individuals are abused and even become the object of their own compulsive consumption. To this observation of impotence that seems to inhabit the individuals he creates, Thomas Pons adds, through animation, a form of repetitive poetry that acts as a mirror effect. Graphically impeccable and brilliantly executed, the sequences are proposed in the form of a large installation consisting of moving a tablet on a rail in front of about twenty illustrations that come to life as the camera passes by. A journey actually increased as fascinating as it is strange.

〰► Application *Uramado* available for free download from IOS and Android


 Inauguration: Wednesday 9th, Oct. at 6:00p.m

Oct. 4th october to Nov. 23th

Mon. and Fri. 4.30p.m to 7p.m
Tue. Wed. 2p.m to 7p.m
10p.m to 12p.m and 2p.m to 5p.m Sat.

Pont des Arts
Parc de Bourgchevreuil
35510 Cesson-Sévigné
02 99 83 52 20

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Bus lines C6 and 31: Vilaine stop


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