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Experience 3
Vis Insita
(end of residency)

Nicolas Bazoge (FR)

Musical performance and luminokinetics – Residence outing proposed by the cultural service of the University of Rennes 2 as part of the Maintenant 2019 festival. 

Vis Insita is a musical and visual performance in which Nicolas Bazoge, intermedia creator and performer, generates and modulates sound matter using specially designed kinetic interfaces.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the use of optical motion capture (capture and digitization of movement using synchronized infrared cameras), a technology usually reserved for animation cinema or biomechanical research, very rarely found in live performance.

This proposal aims to explore new forms of performing electronic music live, and interact in an innovative way with the stage environment. Mainly focused on sound, it also includes plastic and kinesthetic components, disrupting the spectator’s usual modes of perception and encouraging contemplative and meditative listening to music.


Billetterie Weezevent


Project in the process of being created. Premiere scheduled for January 31, 2020 at l’Estran in Guidel.

Created with the support of the Immersia – University of Rennes 1 platform and the University of Rennes 2, l’Estran in Guidel, the City of Lorient, the City of Locmiquelic, the company ART GmbH.

Vis Insita is the subject of an artistic residency at the University of Rennes 2 from 23 September to 7 October 2019.

Monday 7th October


Le Tambour
Université Rennes 2
Place Recteur Henri le Moal
35000 Rennes

Accessibility : 

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Metro: Villejean-Université stop
Bus: all lines serving Villejean-Université
Vélo Star: Villejean-Université station


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