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Pandora Live

Molécule (FR)

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Sound and light show by Alexandre Quaranta and Romain De La Haye-Sérafini.

Producer, DJ, Molecule is an adventurer, literally and figuratively speaking, who likes to confront experiences and territories to feed his imagination and extract sound and visual material.

Romain De La Haye-Sérafini becomes a master of ceremony to offer an initiatory journey to the wonderful states of human consciousness. An unprecedented performance that combines live sound creation with PandoraStar lamp technology.
Pandora is a neuro-stimulating lamp that acts by strobe effect: it diffuses a flow of light under different vibration waves (from 0.1 to 200 Htz corresponding to Delta to Gamma brain waves) stimulating the pineal gland and allowing to induce modified states of consciousness even deeper than with hypnosis alone, or observed after several years of meditation practice.

The device: several waves of spectators settle in the heart of the sound, under lamps, to live an extraordinary sound and visual experience. An intimate moment where everyone has their own visions and builds their journey according to their mood and personal history. At the frontier of art and therapy, each experience is unique and is experienced with closed eyes. This creation took shape in close collaboration with Alexandre Quaranta, head of PandoraStar technology in France.

History point: The PandoraStar lamp is the little sister of the original Lucia device. Originally, the two founding fathers, Dr. Proeckl, neurologist, and Dr. Winkler, clinical psychologist, developed this device to recreate the conditions for an Imminent Death Experience (IDE).

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⚠️ Due to stroboscopic activity, this performance is contraindicated in people with heart disease, mental disorders (schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.), or those with drug therapy, a history of epilepsy. This performance is not recommended for children under thirteen years of age, pregnant women and people who are intolerant to strobe lights.

Friday 11th October

17h45 / 18h10 / (next sessions are full)

38 Rue St Melaine
35000 Rennes
02 99 63 88 22

Accessibility :

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Metro: Sainte-Anne station
Bus lines 1,5, 8, 9, 12 : Sainte-Anne stop
Bus lines 36, 51, 70, 71, 151 : Place Hoche stop
Vélo Star : Place Hoche station


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