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Forum Entreprendre dans la Culture


Initiated by the Ministry of Culture in 2015, the Forum Entreprendre dans la Culture, and its many regional variations, has become an essential event for promoting and enhancing cultural entrepreneurship. See you on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 for the first Rennes edition of the event.

Today, many cultural entrepreneurs are emerging and showcasing their creativity through the development of innovative tools, new collaborative uses and new entrepreneurial models. A free event open to all audiences in order to encourage meetings and exchanges, the Forum Entreprendre dans la Culture Rennes Métropole was designed to promote and support cultural entrepreneurship in the region, allow the meeting between sectors and structures, and better understand the issues of each.

Organized by the Electroni[k] association, in collaboration with the Rennes Métropole Culture Department, the Rennes Métropole Economy and Employment Department, the Brittany Regional Cultural Affairs Department and the Ministry of Culture, the first edition of the Forum will be held on Wednesday 9 October 2019 at Champs Libres, the Maison des Associations and 4Bis.

To think, set up and carry out their project, every cultural entrepreneur needs support. It is thus the vocation of the Forum Entreprendre dans la Culture to provide practical and concrete information to all entrepreneur profiles:

  • entrepreneurs in the cultural sectors wishing to become more professional and better structure their companies
  • students or young graduates wishing to embark on the adventure of cultural entrepreneurship
    institutional institutions concerned with supporting entrepreneurs in their creation and development processes
  • companies and professionals wishing to support any creative process and support cultural initiatives

▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ STAKEHOLDERS ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Adrien Champas / Cult&Com (FR) – Alphonse Gautier / Pôle Mécénat Bretagne (FR) – Auguste Coudray / Festival Photo La Gacilly (FR) – Ayla Saura / La Nuit des Temps (FR) – Aymeric Lesné / 3 Hit Combo (FR) – Barbara Prudhomme / Pépite – Université Bretagne Loire (FR) – Camille Campion / Creative Seeds (FR) – Elsa Charrier / Atlangames (FR) – Emilie Lacroix / Association Trans Musicales (FR) – Gaël Durand / Novolinko (FR) – Géraldine Farage / Pôle PIXEL (FR) – Guillaume Léchevin / Jardin Moderne (FR) – Gwenaëlle Clauwaert / Ten2Ten (FR) – Haud Le Guen / Réso Solidaire (FR) – Ismaël Lefeuvre / French Miracle Tour (FR) – Jean-François Le Corre / Vivement Lundi (FR) – Jérôme Tré-Hardy / (FR) – Maïté Denis / Elan Créateur (FR) – Marie du Chastel / KIKK Festival (FR) – Matthieu Rietzler / Opéra de Rennes (FR) – Nicolas Boritch / AntiVJ (FR) – Pauline Lemaistre / (FR) – Régis Le Roux / Enensys Technologies (FR) – Richard De Logu / Association Bug (FR) – Romain Bohuon / Bretagne Active (FR) – Serge Steyer / KuB (FR) – Simon Parlange / Mirage Festival (FR) – Stéphanie Retière / Festival Photo La Gacilly (FR) – Tristan Le Bouffant / Sentry Games (FR) – Yves Bommenel / La Halle Tropisme (FR)


Wednesday 9th October

09h00 to 19h00

• Les Champs Libres
10 Cours des Alliés

• Maison des Associations
6 Cours des Alliés

• Le 4Bis
4 bis Cours des Alliés




La salle de conférences des Champs Libres ainsi que la salle 100a de la Maison des Associations sont équipées de boucles magnétiques.

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Metro: Charles de Gaulle stop
C1, C2, 11 bus lines: Charles de Gaulle, Magenta or Gare
Vélo Star stops: Charles de Gaulle or Champs Libres stations
Rennes station nearby


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