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Wobble Party

Laurie Rowan (UK)

British artist Laurie Rowan signs the 2019 visual, a universe populated by a fantastic bestiary. His work uses the 3D creation and animation techniques with which he produces illustrations and animations. The overflowing imagination that he deploys conjures up the universe of manga as much as that of affichisme, tales and a certain folklore. 

Approached by Google and speaker at the last edition of Pictoplasma for which he created an exhibition and an interactive hologram, Laurie Rowan delivers for Now 2019 an animated visual, pop and colorful, with a false naive look. His figures – half human, half animal – line up like traditional statuettes, to whom one would gladly lend magical powers. Facing us, their expression invites us, with a mixture of malignancy and restraint, to plunge into a whimsical and offbeat world.

Like today’s creativity, it is a real ecosystem that comes alive, bubbling, teeming, hybrid and protean. These living beings evolve autonomously but also form a common body, representing creation in all its diversity and without borders. This endearing and creative company will accompany the 2019 edition of the festival, and will dress the streets of Rennes in the autumn.

This new exhibition dedicated to Laurie Rowan‘s work, allows you to discover even more about this unique universe.



Sept. 20th to Oct. 16th

2p.m to 10p.m Mon. and Tue.
10a.m to 10p.m Wed. to Fri.
10a.m to 5p.m on Sat.

Adress :

Antipode MJC
2 rue André-Trasbot 
02 99 67 32 12


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BUS lines 9, 13 : Ferdinand De Lesseps stop


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