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Amanda Parer (AU)

They appear, at dusk… So pretty, yet huge and ghostly, to such a point that one could wonder if these night creatures are thirsty for carrot juice only… This is the ambiguity of Australian Amanda Parer‘s work and her five gigantic light rabbits. Beyond the lovely animal mentioned in the tales of her childhood, the artist reminds us that the rabbit was introduced in her homeland by humans at the end of the 18th century, causing irreversible ecological devastating effects. Therefore these “intrudes” are more than a soft and poetic appearance; by their incongruity, they force us to think about the environmental impact of our actions.

 SUNDAY 9th OCTOBER at 11:30am : PREVIEW


Amanda Parer (AU)

From sunday 9 to sunday 16 october

From 10h00am to 12h00pm

Mail François Mitterrand

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Bus Lignes C4 et 11 : arrêt Le Mail ou Place de Bretagne ou ligne C2 : arrêt Place de Bretagne


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