Environmental, social and societal responsibilities

Values & commitments

The association Electroni[k], organizer of the Maintenant festival, is the initiator of many projects and brings into play a great diversity of actors: artists, audiences, salaried and volunteer staff, service providers, suppliers, etc.

As such, Electroni[k] has an environmental, social and societal responsibility in the design and conduct of projects in order to contribute to a harmonious and sustainable ecosystem, at the level of the internal organization, the territory and society.

Aware of these issues, the association strives to combine reflection with action in order to act in a virtuous manner and to limit as much as possible the negative externalities of the project. The whole of our associative community affirms the values and ethics of Electroni[k] through various actions detailed below.

Our values

  • Local development and attractiveness of the territory
  • Support to creation
  • Democratization of access to digital culture
  • Development of emerging cultural practices
  • Innovation and curiosity

As a scout for new talent, the Maintenant festival provides long-term support for young creators in the region, in Europe and internationally.

This support for creation is expressed through a policy of commissioning works, proposing “cartes blanches”, and providing support, personalized follow-up, and assistance in the creation of new productions.

Environmental responsibility

Maintenant, an eco-responsible festival:

  • Investing in existing venues
    to deploy the programming and design artistic proposals for small audiences
  • Favouring soft modes of transport
    for artists, audiences and technical service providers
  • Obtain supplies locally and ethically
    use local suppliers for technical equipment; use short-run suppliers for food; limit meat products and promote the consumption of local organic products
  • Reduce the impact of communication
    adapt the volume of paper supports; reuse existing supports; use local service providers

Social and societal responsibility

Festival Maintenant places accessibility and diversity at the heart of its artistic and cultural project:

Towards the public

  • Thinking about the inclusion of all at the root of the projects
    Act in favor of the cultural rights of people; adapt actions to the plurality of audiences
  • Fight against all forms of discrimination and violence
  • Fight against sexist and sexual violence
    through a plan to fight against it: appointment of referents, training of teams and specific communication

Towards salaried and volunteer teams

  • To consolidate and perpetuate jobs
  • Promote well-being at work
    adapting activities to the means available and offering active support to salaried and volunteer teams
  • Work towards greater parity
    within the Board of Directors and the salaried team
  • To revitalize the associative life
    create links between the people involved in the association’s global project

Towards the artists and speakers

  • To remunerate fairly
    by recognizing all work time: preparation, creation, distribution, mediation and training
  • Support emerging artists
    in the start of their career and in the perpetuation of artistic jobs
  • To work for a greater parity between men and women
    with artists and contributors; by supporting the professionalization and the start of the careers of women artists
  • Work with professionals with varied profiles
    in terms of experience, background, social or geographical origin