Maintenant is a festival of contemporary arts, electronic music and new technologies. 4 days of concerts, exhibitions, installations and conferences, from 6 to 9 October in Rennes (France).

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Discover in images the performances, exhibitions and concerts of Maintenant 2022. 

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A conservatory-trained composer, singer and pianist, Marina Herlop began her career by giving a contemporary twist to compositions by Debussy and Chopin, while tipping her hat to the canons of the Romantic era. “The nature of our current age, amplified by social networks and pop culture, has shaped a concept of the artist as a winner or idol. To legitimise themselves, musicians are encouraged to follow the ‘canons of celebrity’: to have a ubiquitous image, to make flashy music, to be charismatic and successful. The creative process is often seen as mystical and associated with vague concepts such as ‘inspiration’, ‘talent’, ‘expression’ or ‘freedom’, so that music seems to be created magically, spontaneously. (…)


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