France | Edition 2021 /


Anna-Eva Berge is the creator of the entity A.I.L.O. After a career as an actress (1992-2004), she is a visual artist since 2006. Self-taught, she has deepened her knowledge during different trainings, in search of materials and techniques to explore and create in urban space. It was while using mirrors outdoors for the first time in 2012 that she witnessed an unexpected dialogue mirrors/light reflections with the sun, by day, and streetlights by night.
The poetic power that emerges from her light reflections, which she perceives as an aura, transforms her creation.

From there was born the artistic entity A.I.L.O (pronounced Hello) – Atelier d’Immersion Lumineuse et Obscure.

A.I.L.O is also a team effort: Fabrice Leroux, a multimedia artist, is a very active member of A.I.L.O. He offers his know-how on digital technologies and produces the sound creations.

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