Belgium - Venezuela / France / Germany | Edition 2019 /


© Gwendal Le Flem

A.N.I is a unique collaboration between three musicians, Ernesto González (Bear Bones, Lay Low), Florian Meyer (Don’t DJ) et Maxime Primault (BZMC / High Wolf), who got together to create a powerful live show. Over the last 10 years, playing all over the world, they each acquired a reputation for putting the audience into a trance during their solo acts. Those 3 thus merged into rare electronic band to extend the boundaries of their solo experiences.

Trance as well as daydreaming are parts of their program. Dance emerges to form a collective celebration, a contemporary ritual through hyper-rhythmic music, long polyrhythmics. Contemplation settles with long improvised forms— ambient, industrial, hybrid experiments, for an expedition to new sound territories where electronics, mechanics and the organic mix up. From one polarity to another, from the most intense to the most delicate, there is no limitation, everything is to be explored, in an unexpected journey.

A.N.I. breaks down barriers to create a unified body while settling in the heart of the audience for direct exchanges. By opening up to spontaneous creation, things happen in the present and listeners experience more than just a performance.

To achieve this, they use an arsenal of machines: samplers, prepared turntables, synthesizers, modular, drum machines, effects, voices, etc. These interconnected machines are seen as communicating networks, a real interacting ecosystem that goes beyond sound superposition, where each individual affects each others sound.

Musically speaking, there are influences of ethnic music from around the world (Gnawa music, gamelan, African percussion ensembles), electronic music of all ages (Basic Channel, Pan Sonic, Muslimgauze) and contemporary music (Principe or Nyege Nyege labels), but also the electro-acoustic experiments of the 20th century (Popol Vuh, Conrad Schnitzler, Nurse With Wound, Futuro Antico, etc).

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