© Mathilde Dahyot

Breton at heart, Célélé moved to Rennes a year ago and was quickly integrated into the musical and cultural landscape of the region by being notably resident DJ at 35 Volts – Quincé. Originally from Lyon, she launched into the mix in 2019 with her two companions of Limbololo Soundystem: Cardozo & Frutos Domar; the crew challenged the public under a custom limbo bar XXL by offering sets with uncomplicated sounds passing from reggaeton, baile funk, afrobeats.

Today, Célélé has accumulated an eclectic stock of unbridled music and stands out with his expanded selections oscillating between breakbeats, bass music, jungle, sometimes daring to put acid tracks in the corner of more cosmic sounds. His sets are full of solar energy and are varied but always very rhythmic, with only one objective: to make you dance!

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